What! Green Tea KitKat

What! Green Tea KitKat

Not only do they have a chocolate kitkat but now they have GREEN TEA! I dont know about you but I love Candy. I also Love tea as much as Candy. so when I saw a Green Tea kitkat candy, my heart just stopped. My taste buds were running around my mouth that I had to buy it. The Green Tea flavor, the smoothness and the crunchiness, what can you ask for. Even though I got it for $12 at my local candy store, it was WORTH IT!! AMAZING I tell you. I loved it so much that I could Have eaten all of it in one day. I even let my roommate have one because I wanted to share the AMAZINGNESS of it. We even went later that week to the candy store and she bought a pack herself. I am A HUGE green tea fan that I even eat the green tea ice cream. The Japanese really came through. You can find this candy in Candy shops, or in Asian markets. I know that I payed a lot for it, but there are places where they sell it for less and thank god they do! you know what I’m going this weekend 😉 hehe Hope you enjoy the candy if you get! I know your taste buds will.


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